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Therapist Located in Woodstock, Georgia

Also Available in Georgia via Telehealth

Email Linde Ferrero, LCSW

Linde Ferrero, LCSW, Faith Based Counseling, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Positive Discipline Parenting Certified

Tel: 678 403 1120​

Work Days: Wednesday 7am-9pm: Fridays 9am-3pm

Ages: Prefer 15 +

Issues: Family conflict, Support for Children/Families going through divorce, Women’s issues, life transitional issues, Self Esteem, Depression and Anxiety, Parenting conflicts, Addiction

Modality: Women, Children, Families

Treatment Approach: Solution Focused, Reality Therapy, Hypnotherapy

Private Pay: Initial Intake $135, $130 hourly, $300 Hypnotherapy session

About Linde Ferrero

Email Jen Walker, LCSW

Jen Walker, LCSW, Clinical Director

Tel: 770 695 2020

Work Days: Flexible with evening hours available

Ages: 12 +

Issues: Addiction, Substance Abuse, Infertility, Chronic Illness, Coping Skills, Drug Abuse, Grief, Life Transitions, Marital and Premarital, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem, Spirituality,

Modality: Couples, Children, Individual

Private Pay: $135 intake/ $130 per session: Sliding scale offered

About Jen Walker

Email Sandi Harding, MA

Sandi Harding, MA, RN, BS

Tel: 678 602 3714

Work Days: Monday & Tuesday with some evening hours

Ages: Adults and Families 

Issues: Grief Counseling

Pastoral Counseling: Spiritual support, Grief and Loss, Relationship issues, Parenting (Single), Life Transitions, Aging (parents), Care for Caregivers

Private Pay Rate: Intake $135, Hourly Rate $100

About Sandi Harding

Email Kim Meredith, APC

Kim Meredith, MAMFT, APC

Tel: 770 377 8642

Work Days: Tue-Saturday 9am-7pm 

Issues: Trauma, Marriage conflict, Anxiety, Depression, Women's issues,

Ages: Children 12+, Teens, Individual and Couples

Private Pay Rate: Intake $135, Hourly Rate $120, Marriage $135

Treatment Approaches: Strength Based, Cognitive Behavioral, Family Systems, Person-Centered, Solution Focused, Existential

Under the Clinical Supervision of Angela Brettschneider, LCSW & Linde Ferrero, LCSW

About Kim Meredith

Email Karalee Glore,

Graduate Intern

Karalee Glore, Graduate Intern

Tel: 404 477 4949​

Work Day: Monday evenings, Tuesdays 

Ages: Teens, Young Adults, Couples

Issues: Family Conflict, Marriage Counseling, Women's Issues

Private Pay: $135 Intake/ $80 per session, $120 for Couples 

Under the Clinical Supervision of Jennifer Walker, LCSW

About Karalee Glore

Email Tiffany Peeler, APC

Tiffany Peeler, APC

Tel: 678 242 9238

Work Days: Saturdays :Flexible with evening hours available

Ages: Children 10+, young adult 

Issues: OCD & other anxiety-related disorders, Life adjustments, ADHD, Family conflict, Eating disorders, Grief, Infertility, Pregnancy, prenatal, & postpartum, Trauma

Treatment Approach: Trained in Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy 

Private Pay: $135 intake/ $120 per session:

Under the Clinical Supervision of Linde Ferrero, LCSW and Melissa King, MS, LPC, RPT-S

About Tiffany Peeler


Katelyn Hurley, Graduate Intern

Katelyn Hurley, Graduate Social Work Intern

Tel: 678 992 9224

Work Days:  Sunday In person Afternoon 1-7pm; Telehealth flexibility throughout week:

Paulding County In-Person 

Ages: Childre​n 6+, young adult​, women

Issues: First Responder's Wives, "Stay at Home" parent struggles, depression and stress,  Trauma, CPS/Foster Care/Adoption History, Juvenile Court Involvement, Children of The Incarcerated, Children and Adults with Chronic Illness, Postpartum Depression & Anxiety, 

Private Pay: $135 intake/ $80 per session:

Under the Cli​nical Supervision of Jennifer Walker LCSW

About Katelyn Hurley

Email Danielle O'Kelly, 


Danielle O’Kelly, APC

Tel: 770 765 3​979

Work Days: Open Availability

Ages:  Children 6+, Women, Couples

Specialties: Trauma, Addiction, Emotion Regulation, Codependency, Boundaries, 

Spiritual Development

Issues: Faith based Counseling, Premarital/Marital Counseling,  Grief,

Treatment Approach: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Prepare/En​rich, Play Therapy Training

Private Pay Rate: $135 Intake, $120 Hourly

Under the Clinical Supervision of Linde Ferrero LCSW , and Melissa King, MS, LPC, RPT-S

About Danielle O'Kelly

Email Morgan Kraut, APC

Morgan Kraut, APC, NCC

Tel: 678 403 1120

Work Days: Monday -Thursday 2-8pm

Ages: Tweens, Teens, Young Adults, Women

Private Pay Rate: $135 Intake, $120 Hourly 

Clinical Supervision and Joint Therapy work with Linde Ferrero LCSW & Jen Walker LCSW

About Morgan Kraut

Email Brittany Franklin


Brittany Franklin,  MSW

Tel: 678 492 8380

Work Days: Monday, Wednesday Thursday

Ages: Teens and Young Adults

Issues: Trauma, Juvenile Court Involvement, Foster Care/Adoption History, Self-Harm, Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Depression, Substance Abuse/Addiction, Insecurities, Coping Skills, Behavioral Issues, Family/Relationship Conflict, Lying/Manipulation, Dysregulation, School Issues, Life Transitions

Modality: Individual, Families

Treatment Approach: Solution Focused, Reality Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client Centered, DBT

Private Pay: Initial Intake $135, $110 hourly

Clinical Supervision and Joint Therapy work with Linde Ferrero, LCSW

About Brittany Franklin

Email Jill Bloemker


Jill Bloemker, APC

Tel: 678 421 4357

Work Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday : Flexible morning & evening hours

Wednesday-Telehealth only (after in-person intake)

Ages: Prefer 15 +

Issues: Singleness, Self Esteem, Spirituality, Grief, Aging Issues, Depression and Anxiety,  

Modality: Individuals, Families

Treatment Approach: Solution Focused, Reality Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Private Pay: Initial Intake $135, $120 hourly 

Clinical Supervision and Joint Therapy work with Linde Ferrero, LCSW

About Jill Bloemker