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Diving Deeper with a Support Group

Each month our therapist host an opportunity to talk about topics within Mental Health. Join our professionals in a conversation to educate yourself and even offer some support in areas of your life. This is not meant to be in place of counseling, nor does attendance to one of our events make you a client. We believe this is an opportunity to have support, learn about mental health and meet our staff. 

All classes are on-line using zoom and most classes will be 30-60 minutes depending on the topic and attendance. 

We offer these classes at no charge. 

Donations accepted to help those in our community that cannot afford services.

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Parenting Education 

and Support

Join a Friendly group to talk about parenting! This 90 minutes will give you more insight to the emotional responses parents need to make during a child's anxiety. 

The zoom link below is for those that have contacted our practice and are listed as participants. Click to connect each week. 

By joining this group you understand Above and Beyond Counseling cannot protect your privacy nor does this constitute you being a client. This is an educational and supportive class. Once payment is received, a passcode to enter into the zoom meeting will be sent for you to attend. 

Click to Connect: 

Be sure email to register.

Katelyn Hurley: BSW, MSW Graduate Intern

Facilitated by a therapist that understands the struggle, and there are not that many out there that do!  Katelyn has learned how to manage her own hopes and dreams while raising children and navigating the complexity of being a first responder's wife. 

Click to Connect

Be sure to email and register

(or we will not let you join this amazing group!)