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About Linde Ferrero

Ten years ago I would never have anticipated being a counselor or therapist nor being in a place where my own challenges and conflicts would give me wisdom to support others. I believe the best therapist have walked through the fire and can help you navigate the struggle because they too have experienced the heat. I offer Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Discipline Parenting, and meditation techniques while incorporating what God has given us to explore from the Bible. Before you make too many assumptions about how you believe I might counsel, please know this...I understand that many do not come to a counselor for faith. With so many great churches around here, you do not need a pastor or a priest, you need a mental health professional. But my underlying values and how I understand clients' life struggles come from a faith based perspective. 

This practice is located between two MEGA churches! I love these churches and all they do for our community. Yet, many clients I see do not want to attend any religious place due to their own personal experiences with a religious organization. Some are too ashamed to share with their church family what was going on in their own home. Some have never been introduced to church. And finally, some make assumptions that all Christians think "this way" about ____(you fill in the blank)___.   Many people want HOPE and desire to understand what God has in store for them even if they do not know God real well. 

I do not want to only be known as a Christian counselor because frankly....I went to school and learned a LOT about mental health. We must understand biology, sociology, family systems, diagnosis and much more. I also know that my education, therapeutic techniques, and insight will only take a client to a certain point, and then I must ask God to reveal in His time. Once I get to know you and your faith foundations, we may be able to learn about what God is teaching through your struggles. 

Six months after opening our building doors a client thanked me for going "above and beyond." I knew God had named my practice. 

Therefore, Above (God) and Beyond (Clinical) was named. 

I am passionate about treating families that have challenging home situations. Addiction in the home, blended families, two working parents, newly divorced, acting out teenagers, wild toddlers; these are my favorites to work with. I believe the family unit teaches us all how to work together, how to accommodate, how to negotiate, how to communicate, how to love, how to forgive, and how to tolerate. But these lessons are not easy to learn and I hope my counseling encourage growth in these areas.    

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