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About Kelly Wolfe 

Let’s face it - life is hard. And relationships, which provide shelter from the storms of life, can sometimes disappoint. You may feel hopeless and empty and reaching the end of your rope. It’s possible you’ve lost your way and are losing faith and confidence in yourself, others, and/or your purpose in life. You are not alone. Challenging circumstances and particular seasons of life have the potential to distract and throw us off course, causing life to feel out of control and confusing. Sometimes a fresh perspective can remind you of who you are, point you in the right direction, and provide new tools and resources to get you where you want to go and bring balance back into your life.

Together you and Kelly can explore your goals, strengths and weaknesses, and unique personality in order to make sense of your current struggles and leverage new opportunities for growth and change. Kelly’s style is warm and empathetic, and her approach is collaborative and tailored to your particular needs and values.

Give yourself permission to take the time you need, in a safe and accepting environment, to discover the best version of yourself and to unleash the power within you to create a life that is fulfilling, intentional, authentic, and meaningful.

Kelly has a bachelor's degree from Auburn University and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Capital Seminary. She is currently licensed by the state of Georgia as an Associate Professional Counselor. Kelly believes that her biggest asset as a therapist is not just the formal training received, but her valuable life experience and personal journey that God is using to help others heal. Kelly adheres to a biopsychosocial approach, which means she believes that issues are often a result of, and maintained by, a combination of biological, psychological, relational and environmental factors. From this perspective, rarely is there a single source responsible for one’s presenting issues. Kelly also holds a Christian and biblical worldview which provides the foundation for everything she does. Although some progress can occur outside of a spiritual perspective, she believes that mental, emotional, and relational health is maximized when spiritual health is at the core of the healing journey.