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About Karalee Glore

I am passionate about working with families who are finding it difficulty to connect as they’ve hoped. A lack of understanding and having different expectations can make it difficult to connect. Teens pull away, parents wonder how to connect. When the helpful conversations stop I can help you restart them in counseling. Honest communication between parents and teens can feel uncomfortable, but my hope is that you will learn something new in sessions with my support.

I also love helping couples who experiencing trials in their relationships. I have walked through many trials in my life, both as a parent and a wife, and have gone on my own personal journey of healing and self-discovery. 

Within a marriage, I don’t want you to just survive, I want you to thrive. If you are in a marriage that is picking up pieces of broken promises and broken trust, I want to support you in walking through the healing and self-discovery. I want to keep you from the bitter seeds that can easily be sows when you’re hurting. If you are in a marriage that is stagnant and you find yourself feeling alone, I want you to consider that on the other side of counseling is a fulfilling life and marriage.

I personally have experienced the goodness that comes from counseling while feeling alone and discouraged. By going through these experiences I have been able to see God’s redemptive work and the beauty that can come from the ashes.

I can walk with you through a difficult conversation. You will be heard and seen here. My prayer is that the sessions will offer you a place of safety, security, and healing.