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About Brittany Franklin 

I never thought I would become a therapist, but after enough struggles of my own I know how important it is to be able to support others in their time of need. Therapy is based on trust, and I want you to know I provide a safe place for listening, talking, emotions, support, and kindness. I have a background in child welfare and juvenile court, so I am well-versed in the traumas many children, teens, and adults experience in everyday life. I also am no stranger to the mountains both teens and adults can move when it comes to survival, making it ever important to discuss those events with someone familiar, such as myself.

I love working with teenagers and young adults due to their excitement of life! That period of time is so difficult for so many reasons, and I find it extremely important to support individuals and families during those stressful life events. We were all young and dumb once, but that doesn’t make it any easier to reach out to the adults around us for help. It can be so frustrating trying to juggle school, work, friends, good decisions, bad decisions, relationships, and everything else that everyone piles on top of you. Daily stressors can easily turn into roadblocks, and before you know it you have no idea what happened and how you ended up in such a messy situation. It can feel like you’re fighting a battle all alone and have nobody to back you up or help you out. Being client-centered allows me to really help you learn to appreciate yourself and your wonderful qualities in order to grow in a more positive direction. We can work on coping skills, boundaries, goal planning, and changing our behavior, all while looking at your strengths as an individual within a system, whether that be your home, school, relationship, or something else.

I am passionate about helping individuals who have faced difficulties in their life by encouraging them to lean into their own strengths, teaching them tools to change their outcome, and walking beside them as they better their life.